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Friday, 19 March 2004

Pix Of The Day: Sculptures By Peter Randall-Page
CREDITS [L to R]: © Andrew Leaney/Leaney.org
© Peter Randall-Page/PeterRandall-Page.com
WHERE: United Kingdom. WHAT: sculptures by Peter Randall-Page.
Thumbnail clicks pop-up [1] larger image, or [2][3][4]source pages.
Hundred Year Stone © Andrew LeaneyRemebering Milk & Honey © Peter Randall PageWomb Tomb © Peter Randall PageBronze Dreaming Stone © Peter Randall Page
The sculpture seen in the first picture of today's thumbnail strip has been featured here in an earlier item, but with a different photograph by a different photographer, David Robinson. There seemed to be some confusion about the title of the sculpture: after we checked around it seemed that rather than 'Millennium Stone', the correct title is 'Hundred Year Stone' in celebration of the NT [National Trust] founding year. The confusion is understandable perhaps: the NT's hundredth anniversary was very close to the dawning of the third millennium.

The sculptor's own web site at PeterRandall-Page.com does not list the work, but it is mentioned in an article about him in the online Sculpture magazine. The other works shown [L to R] are: [2] Remembering Milk & Honey; [3] Womb Tomb; and [4] Bronze Dreaming Stone. Other works by Peter Randall-Page are illustrated on the artist's web site, and at the online Sculpture magazine.

Visitors to the English Lake District who want to walk in the area may either follow Andrew Leaney's walk route, or even try sail and walk from Les Allan.

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