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Wednesday, 07 July 2004

Range Creek Archaeological Gold
CREDIT: © Ellen Sue Turner/STAA.org [Southern Texas Archaeological Association]
WHERE: Range Creek, Price, Utah. WHAT: archaeological & anthropological site.
MAP: Price. Thumbnail click pops-up source page: view window also available

Range Creek Petroglyph © Ellen Sue TurnerLast week the news services buzzed with an archaeological titbit about east central Utah, and the long vanished people known as the Fremont Indians. Regular readers may remember our midsummer day item about Parowan solar observatory, which has been associated with these people. We received the news almost simultaneously from an SMH [Sydney Morning Herald] reader in Australia, and from Watson program author Dan Wood's page, along with news that Karelia has sold the Watson code to Sun: IBM-PC and other platform users will soon be able to enjoy this useful utility. This AP feed via CNN was widely circulated, including a web site in Bangalore, India.

One of the leading Utah newspapers, SLT [The Salt Lake Tribune] carried a more detailed item, usefully including a location map. The TV channels began picking up the story, and KSL in Salt Lake City, UT, ran the story in that transcript: if you are suitably equipped, a RealOne format video of the item is also available. So often the chattering classes seem to skate over the real core of a story.

Two of the groups of researchers visiting the Range Creek site have web sites with detailed information: a photo album by the STAA [Southern Texas Archaeological Association] party, with a report by Ellen Sue Turner, resulted from a 1999 visit; the four [1] [2] [3] [4] part SLCC [Salt Lake Community College] photo album was produced from 2002/3 field schools led by anthropologist K. Renee Barlow. The SLCC report includes a map based on Utah watercourses, and a presentation derived from PowerPoint slides, the latter requiring the MS-Explorer browser.

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